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hallmarkchannel With Jess #LaciMailey and David's @Carlo_Marks wedding quickly approaching, the O'Briens still have a lot of decisions to make. Will everything be done in time #Chessies? Find out in an all new episode of #ChesapeakeShores this Sunday at 8/7c. Hallmark Channel: The Heart of TV - Sweepstakes/Giveaway Rules:
andyypants 18+ to enter @DylanMayoralNFT but I think over time the market will mature and stuff like what you make will be the most sought after. Remember many NFT collectors are like kids so you can't expect their tastes to be super refined right away 2/2 i was born on a pirate ship and multiple universes split off from there
_Thadeusmaoga Lamu to kids that all decisions,choices and preferences they make will have both positive and negative rewards. Punishment and praising are rewards. Kids must be trained to perform house chores,thats nkt child labour. If you cannot trust them with simple tasks,. Committing my life to Godly life.
guavapancake Torrance, CA And really, any future we want. The woman I pick to love is just a really good measure to see if the future has changed dramatically, but every little decision any one of use make will change the future. I SERIOUSLY love threads.🧵 Take this personality test. It's really fun. About 45 minutes. I linked it in my bio so you can just click on it. Know thyself.
KayyAbundance Portland, OR Shift your mindset , change your life . Yes it’s really that simple . Once you fix your mindset , the intentions for every move you make will be for your best and highest self . Creator| Host : Kayysspace podcast. Oracle Reader and Intuitive . Gifted , Blessed and Highly Favored .
Mphohan1 @sibekoziyanda People are crazy to do so..busy with house shopping and that's one decision I'm not about to make...will soldier on until I get the house I want for over R1mil...wont settle for a makhuku, anyeke😀
_bunbooks_ And i'm going to make will be crap is 100% going to buy one as soon as they see the hype Beep boop, I'm @lllMaddy's bot!
DannyPenfold Stoke-on-Trent, England @StokeMatt_ I've seen them, there is a very loud minority who seem like they thrive on us doing badly. We have so many talented young players who make will mistakes, it is what it is 🤷‍♂️ don't like the idea of people wanting to drop players like Bursik Ostigard and Wilmot. @stokecity. @demiallerton.
TheFlashOnAir South of Hampshire, UK The Flash is funded entirely by donations and the occasional grant that we’re eligible for. Anything you can make will go towards funding our various costs  There are a number of ways you can donate to us. Why not buy a bumper sticker? #community The Flash - Classic #Rock & #Punk tracks from 1960 through to 1990 plus original songs from #localbands and gig guide #radio #localradio
snufkinnies_ priv┊@subjectomega__┊layout - and all they can do is to simply hope the ltitle actions they make will stop you from overall making hamful choices or choices on their behalf. it's not your right to be living in kris' body and taking away their freedom. it's not your right to even play the game. 【 ♡ ⭑ #ALEXANDER: worst of all, a coward. always was a coward. oh, how I hate it… ⭑ 】 ♡┊pietro / perry ┊he / him + bi-ace┊minor ━━━ artist & writer
official_JBOLDT Massachusetts, USA @mo_zaga I can’t decide wether I flex Juju or Landry and at tight end do I go Pitts or Gronk .. whatever choice I make will be wrong so I need some opinions I like sports cards! PC - Mac Jones 👌🏻
AndieWdw Boston, MA @poowpodcast @Google It’s sickening. This is 100% mind control on our children and on society. It’s almost like an infomercial that is constantly being replayed until you give into buying it. Then realizing you made a mistak, but the mistake our children will make will be a much greater! Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever. Welcome home is my favorite phrase and 180 Days is far too long of a wait! Lover of Food!
Scotlandscreams Perth, Scotland #AlwaysYes #DissolveTheUnion And I agree Independence is normal Any mistakes we make will be ours and we'll take responsibility for them as a mature nation #SaorAlba Committed to the deliverance of an Independent Scottish Republic as an equal member of the community of nations. Freedom is not an aspiration but a right #Saor
mbsquotebot They'll make the right decision. They will. And whatever decision they make will become the right decision. posts quotes every half hour / run by @marvtrilogy
EvFortnite Hi, if you are interested I am working on making cool profile pictures for everyone that wants them. They are free so I can make them accessible to anybody that wants one. The profile pictures that I make will include any fortnite skin of your choice and a related background. New Fortnite Creative Builder I make profile pictures for free Please help me get to 1000 followers so I can post awesome maps Banner @DenniConcepts
RochardScott “Original” crap is being made all the time. It’s just not getting a 200 million dollar budget. A lot of the art that people wanna make will not support a secure living. If that’s the art you want to make, understand this and own it. “Life... life always decides.”
NatashaZerna @SB19Official Comgrats, Ken!! I'm so happy and proud of you. 🥂 To more music you make, will always support you 💙 VOTE PALAYO ON MYX @SB19Official #SB19Ken_SoloDebut #StreamPalayoMV #PagsibolStreamingParty I am a Witch 🧙‍♀️ Proud A'tin 💙🌿
KingFisher29_ Lagos, Nigeria When you speak positively and constructively, you will stand out for good. Every unkind statement you make will eventually reflect on you. #CharisSundays Planner by day, other things by night. #Systems
ayahalzayadi @xeyneb19 it’s @ ayah but dw all the money we make will definitely go towards the amoorygang and not towards nicki crocs for me and @xeyneb19 amir’s fan page. #amoory #amooryarmy #amoorygang
malenn16 Calamba,Laguna Money, power, something thats exactly what it takes to make Will. ... failure and opposition. I believe in signs. I believe كٕوٍٓدٓ... خٕصٌّٓمٓ نٕوّنُّ...>> Non15 Non15 Failure is never a defeat, it is merely a delay; I just want to tell you.
ValFunky Where needed the most @SheilaF03068503 @XRebellionUK Not everyone is a “good driver”, Sheila. Besides, don’t you think that our Government are just laughing at this situation and that the changes they make will probably be a big, fat ZERO. We all need to affect action at the top, not by stopping us getting to our patients… Currently Confused...Clarity Claiming
drjeffphillips @ed_abrahamson @jprgooch I understand that feeling completely. However, I - and I’m sure, you - didn’t do this for the leviathan organisation that employs us. The difference we make will be for the thousands our work touched directly - patients, colleagues and staff. Difference made… Opera-loving, keto-dieting intensive care doctor. Trustee, St Clare Hospice.
esuka576 Earth Fuko's route was more brutal in the visual novel because you knew that Fuko was not going to come back to make jokes. I really could not stop myself from crying while reading this route. Also, you can choose whether or not to kiss her and depending on the choice you make will I like anime and video games I guess. I am also very repetitive. He/Him 19 years old High Functioning Autistic
karynpalminteri ... and the choices that you make ... will shape your life forever ... ~ #quote from #ABronxTale #MentalHealthMatters #SuicideAwareness #Christian #BlueLives #Veterans #Motivation #Health #Quotes #MaskUp #EverUpward #SeeSomethingSaySomething #CuomoIsNotOver
ChuckNormis218 Artist/Art Student I usually take 2-3 hours to do WIP drawings before class and the mock-ups I’m gonna make will take anywhere from 20-30 minutes each so… that’s like 10 hours worth of work I have to do literally by tomorrow lmfao. They/Themme Fatale, 24 | Owner of @_TipsyWitch WHERE I SELL ART | Leftist | 18+ only ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ
rudymetcalf Kansas City, Mo @flymetomoonnow @sfmcryptonomics The burn has nothing to do with what you make. The price will still go up and down !! what you make will depend on the price investing has been my business for 25 years
TryTermLimits @CNN And you think we ( all nations) can change the climate, Reduce drought, reduce severity of storms and lower temps. Yes climate is changing but the dumb asses in Govt and the scientists using it to make $$$ will never tame it.
everydayforeve1 Ravenclaw 🦅 | INFJ-T | Writer @ira_agni right!? i think H would be super fascinated with Sherlock. I almost think it would make Will jealous 😂 i'm writing a fic where H&W go to london after the fall & a body drops and guess who's investigating... 😏😂 they/any 🏳️‍🌈 pan/queer | Hannibal & Good Omens & Sherlock & Merlin | 20s | everyday_forever on ao3 | ✨it's beautiful✨ | nsfw, 18+
rekishoodie1 She/her | 18 | Aroace @mitsughost Get rid of these silly thoughts !!!! I’m sure anything you make will come out amazing and even if it doesn’t(which I doubt) it would still help develop your drawing skills so it’s a win win situation and everyone starts somewhere you know❤️ Sk8 brainriot 9 months strong💕Fruits basket|Banana fish|JJK|Given|TOG|Seraph|Saiki K|MHA|YOI|BSD|HXH|AOT|Moriarty patriot|Tok Rev💕|Account is 99.9% Renga🌺❄️
eagle_sparky25 Horn Lake, MS make will rogers throw it deep and you’re golden i’m just a simple man trying to make his way through the universe | ole miss | AFC 🔴⚪️
TalkingBackward Seattle, WA i love ambiguous endings. nothing someone else can make will ever be as fun and interesting as what your own brain fills in the blanks with Ezra, He/Him, 30s, irl bishonen, thing from an ocean trench. currently in FFXIV hell. my art = @bugdrawsthings
thegentlerose__ @PendragonSass If you have a kind heart i sense the changes you make will be for the better. {she smiles sweetly listening} Beauty must be admired in all its formed and just wait the right princess will come along and turn your world upside down. {she laughed sweetly musing about the idea} I am Margaery Tyrell a rose caught in the middle of a war cunning yet a delicate flower allied with the north against tyranny #crossovers #GOTRP #single
scorbuny it/its, she/her | pi/piself @axelflynt @yourcompanionAI (oh and it's still free, the next chapters toby will make will be paid for) jasmine | art: @EeveeEuphoria | scorbunny is trans! | just an artist who draws furries/pokemon | 22 y/o bi lesbian/aromantic/graysexual demi-girl | pokékin
BrianNau18 Pennsylvania, USA @joe_block They also lead the league in the 4 biggest bone head plays that little leaguers wouldn't make Will Craig debacle, Hayes not touching 1st base on a HR and Difio holding a live ball so run can score and of the walk off infield pop up Pittsburgh Sports Fan..3 Teams..2 Colors...1 City
TOWUAL Alabama, USA @kylenicklachlan Denis needs to go outside too. Imagine hating on movies that make 10 times the amount of money anything you’ll ever make will. Also imagine caring about rich people’s opinions of movies that you enjoy and make you feel good Art Punk || New LP “BRAND NEW FACADE” out NOW on all streaming platforms!
MlTCH_MCCONELL Arlington, VA @RepDianaDeGette By not retiring years ago, when health scares were already dogging her, she make the same mistake many old wizened farts make. Alas, in this case, it all but insured every notable decision she helped make will be reversed, And quickly, to the detriment of us all. Just a fan of filibusterin' stuff and destroying the Constitution! PARODY ACCOUNT (duh).
petersi10214041 @battington02 Oh and btw more harmony and horror fanart I am going to make will be soon so be waiting
collinreyes21 California, USA which can cause the album to suffer. Then, know where your strengths and weaknesses lie, find people to help you with certain things, maybe try finding resources to teach yourself new things. And lastly, acknowledge that not everything you make will be S-Tier AOTY material (5/6) he/they || you, the meridian.
sarahrgd92 かもめ学園 @DaKakTakBlen The thing is that from that main branch there can be born many branches. The concerning thing is that ofc because is a story they are going to change the main branch. And each decision they make will indirectly impact each of the decisions, which is fascinating. Twitter is my hiding place🔪I don't edit, I crappost♥️ ESP/ENG🇺🇸日本語が少しわかります •The owners of the original images of my edits are AidaIro• Header by: @tsukasant
theonlyandyt London, UK @LloydsBank Only the Edge browser said that. All other systems attempt to get a temp pass from a server that has crashed. And 7 days for access to stock markets is crazy. Any trades you want to make will be 7 days out of date! I suggest you ask your tech dept to reboot the recovery server. VFX Supervisor, collector of movie posters and a very proud dad.
mbsquotebot They'll make the right decision. They will. And whatever decision they make will become the right decision. posts quotes every half hour / run by @marvtrilogy
adamdotxom San Diego, CA listen, ofc a chef is gonna think whatever they make will taste delicious, no crap. If i had a baby, i would think it’s a good baby, i just think chefs be too biased at this point and they can go fork themselves ayo
princecowboys ezra | 22 | black | they/them I keep thinking about how Molly’s life would be post-TWOL, and how her and Walter would probs be those ppl that get harassed by others bc of their husband/fathers actions. That’s of course, unless the FBI decides to spin the whole thing and make Will look like the hero. side acc for dumbass bbc Merlin + a dash of bbc musketeers. maybe black sails, nbc hannibal and daredevil, who’s to say? / backup acc @sircowboys
sucuremu am lost, help @Arkuny Ebisu shark! And Noi and Shin, anything, any stickers you make will be awesome cringe anime artist || True scrimblo || Licensed possum enjoyer || sketch account @scremcaramel
Stash4542 Selden, NY @FoxNews This woman and her husband have made millions in the market through insider trading that our congress has not and will not put a stop to because that’s how they all (democrats and republicans) get so rich. The only changes they will make will benefit them only. Self employed
mizubukii friendship that embraces all.. 🥀┊gonna re-watch hannibal and maybe make will graham again who knows ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Muneebwrites2 Shupiyan, Jammu And Kashmir Don't be with it... When u make will... U will get... Insaan kare kuch toh kya nahi hoskhta Vo konsa ekeeda jo tay nhi ho skhta Workhard *smartwork*sucess and read the life of prophets... Uh will learn how to deal with life ‏‏‏‏محبِ رسول به روز محشر حاصل دیدارِ رسول ﷺ عاشقانِ رسول به جامِ کوثر وصول از ید رسول ﷺ
Francesca_Solmi London, UK - Bologna, Italy "The value in algorithmic oversight for regulators,is that the decisions that tech companies make will become transparent, including decisions [...] to target teenage girls with images and features that ended in anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts" Epidemiology, eating disorders, causal inference. Geriatric Millennial. Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow @UCLPsychiatry
EvitaEsparanza Nord-Ouest, Cameroon Most of the hateful comments we make will haunt us in future than the likes and followers we get now for supporting our favourites, going about it the wrong ways At the end they will all come out, kiss and be friends. Fan wars are extremely toxic don't get consumed in it #BBNaija Independent Producer/ Screenwriter/Bosch Alumini/YATC delegate to Ethiopia & ChangeMaker.
ChrysalisAurora ghettoes despite being doctors and engineers , as you won't be able to buy houses in decent colonies and even if you do , enerything you make will be burnt down in a single night as recently was done in Delhi and previously in Gujrat and Moradabad under full government patronage Muslim, Tarot Reader, Personal Trainer, Jewelry desginer, into architecture, cats, other floofy animals and art. Pakistan loyalist.