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hannigramteacup @PersephoneSiren Don’t be so hard on yourself and keep practicing. You’ll realize every new art you make will be better than the one before, and you’ll eventually land on your own style! Don’t be afraid of tracing objects or body parts if you don’t know how to get them right! Professional Will Graham Slut Shamer™️ #HannigramTrash ✨ #LeJoeNation✨#HannibalApologist ✨ #TopWillDefenders™️✨ Horny for love and friendship 🌈 🍖🐑
myroamingspirit Mumbai, India #Nowwatching David Attenborough - a life on our planet the story telling will make will cherish the earth's splendor and wonder. Via @NetflixIndia #myroamingspirit #MotherNature Read Travel stories frm across d planet! PUBLISH ur travel story on our website! #Roamfree #MyRoamingSpirit Instagram-
Ashleyfalla United Kingdom @DownByContact1 This news has left me so torn. Have Davante back at last so he’s in, but now have Golladay, Woods and Godwin for the other slot. Feel like whatever decision I make will be the wrong one! 1/3 of @mbbpodcast and Derby County fan. Once got three non-consecutive darts in the treble 20.
Haviktrocity Georgia, US Gedo book for O'Khan to be the new leader and make him a boss that whips around his lackies, make will the lacky, make him look like the bitch he really is. The S stands for Shiba.
FHF_Official Tardeo, Mumbai we are reaching out to you now to help us run the archive through your contribution. With the money raised, we would buy the best of tools, upgrade the infrastructure, and add resources. Every small donation you make will help all of us preserve the rich heritage. Film Heritage Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the conservation, preservation and restoration of Indian cinema.
Hbba1Steels @plutoslovechild @909islive Gates and Gavi... well done Trump on operation WARPSPEED, I be the trillions Gates is going to make will line your pocket. Fear maybe the Father of consequence, but Power is the Child of Sovereignty.
kokopuff240 The bottom of the ocean Dear future self, Good luck on going somewhere and doing something good. As of now I’m lonely wondering if I’ll ever meet someone who I can care for as much as they care for me. The decisions you make will impact something much greater! He/Him • Straight • Alone • 17 • Tech Enthusiasts • Gamer • Alright @Rainbow6Game player • banner by @jyrocopter_ • Icon by @CSilverlights
HANNlBRAT australia @psychoanalyzedd Basically 😂 I wonder if he’s gonna make will patch up and revive his body and take it to the hospital Will Graham’s prison curls enthusiast • 25 • she/her • INTJ
alize_britt Etc) the behavior or actions will continue to happen. She tried to demand her respect but it only gotten worst. What decisions she make will not effect your life. Some of y’all enjoyed her being so raw and real with us too much because now y’all want to know Bardigang Hot Girl Stream WAP Rihanna Beyonce City Girls Doja Normani ChloexHalle Mulatto, Women like me .....of Color
zenmachinegun SF/東京 tangentially I do not understand why they make superhero movies when ghost rider 2 exists and nothing you make will ever be better than that, why even try Former 6-time EVO champ at Puzzle Fighter. Hell is for conversation. @zazenmachinegun
xXBlueGoogsXx 27 days left : ) {- if I make will just break down and start sobbing 《 The boogie man only wants to take your life 》 He/Him | Abbie / She/They
muzkmuzkmuzk [internet.] any extraneous monies i make will go to helping others make money in the fields or networks that i am directly connected to, or to creating things that are interesting, useful, and beautiful which generate sales to also then help create jobs/opportunity. the next generation of music. and art. ....VIRTUA
Brook22509241 New Jersey @AAOsAwesomeFans Everything this year feels weird this thanksgiving, xmas and new yrs is going to be difficult. Hopefully the sacrifices we all make will be worth it in the end Vegetarian. Wanna-be philanthropist. Animal and nature lover
PogoVon United States @TiffanyDCross Reps and Senators only make what the median income average is for folks in their district. If the median income is $35K then that's what they make. Will make them actually strive to do better for the people they work for. I perform magic tricks for the blind. Political junkie, lover of music, books, and diversity. Agnostic with an atheist lean #BlackLivesMatter #BBN #FollowBack
Sunset_Grid For the next 4 weeks, any sales we make will be given to this. Please consider supporting the go fund me and help @NoProblemaTapes V a p o r w a v e label founded by b l u e s c r e e n & ΔCID.rar - Sub labels: GumShoe & OKVLT TMPLS
ohbitchyouairy @Krisswaff Hi! I’ve definitely tried and will continue to! I’ve had them since I was 7 and being 26 now, they only got worse. The money I’m going to make will go to figuring out the source of them. My mother suffers as well and we have tried everything down to botox. Thanks for the hope!🥰 “Don’t let her overwhelm you”🥀 5’3 with bare feet. $NormaRocksteady
zionbaptist_ga Marietta, GA, USA The Zion Baptist Academy is having its 2nd Annual Fundraising Event, The Gathering on November 7th virtually. You can still purchase a table, make a donation, and enter the table decorating contest. any contribution you make will be greatly appreciated! The Church where everybody is somebody and Jesus is Lord. The Official Twitter Page for Zion.
9002831931w “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that you make will shape your life forever.” A Bronx Tale The Chicken Man
Azharmallick2 Go get some life men. Create something meaningful that will make will everyone happy and cherished. Art is not meant to hurt anybody. One's art goes as far and as deep as one's love goes. ~Andrew Wyeth Proud Jamiate Jab se ankh khuli sirf Jamia dekha aur kuch humne kahaan dekha Poet and A student of history - PhD (JMI)
ROARBUSINESS1 So there’s a lot of artists that meant a lot to me when I was younger, but I just don’t feel the music the same now. @owlcity still makes me cry and feel so happy, even hearing his early stuff. I swear the next song I make will be an homage to him. 😭 #music Singer/rapper. Part of @unknowncookup label ✊🏻 Check me out on Youtube! :D
TaeganRiles Indianapolis, IN @TheOtherTrueDeb @VaporwavNashira @LisaTMullin @Legotrekker @thediablerie @CritFacts @EmilyBanting1 @randomclovis @ADataRepository @DjangoD41360096 @Transgendertrd You fail to understand that treating trans kids could mean the difference between having a kid who is happy and comfortable with their body or a kid that may grow up with life long body dysphoria. No blanket statement you make will ever be in the best interest of every child. Pronouns: She/her, they/them Trans person, plural, tech geek, gamer, musician. ADHD. Guitarist for Wax Chaotic.
PumaOW Oakwood, Illinois @gldnchild1 @AstroBoyMatthew because that means all the good memories you've made in your life and will continue to make will be of no remembrance to you and you won't be able to experience them again once you're dead. Day 1 Sado enthusiast | Probably playing Jett or Genji | I'm the guy who got Masters and Plat3 peaks on 20-30 fps
holybylerwater she/her i love robin and i love the fact they made her lesbian, but we barely knew her. it seemed, to me, like a rushed thing. will's sexuality has been developing before the show was even called stranger things, to throw that out and make will straight will feel like a slap to the face i cry over byler as a talent
Blinni3 Nieuwegein, Nederland @Fi_FyFoFum It is also good that they will take some time to think about it. Cause every desicion they make will make people suffer. Davog is a chef. Closing restaurants have heavily cut our income. I understand. People are dying. But making up these plans is not easy and affects a lot of us
PittLiberator Hopefully Heinz Field soon STOP forkING RUNNING THE BALL SO forkING MUCH AND THE RUNS YOU MAKE WILL BE MORE forkING EFFECTIVE JESUS CHRIST I'm just here to submit my resume to Pat Narduzzi to become our new OC He/Him Solidarity Forever.
VoiceUK Welcome to 1984. Every movement we make will be tracked. Fines will be used to balance the books. Our country and economy is about to ripped apart. The UK needs the Voice of Truth more than ever #AllLivesMatter
KairiSaneFans United States My friend @DonJuan9211 is trying to raise money so he can get a new wheelchair. A fellow wrestling and gamer fan. Juan is a really good dude with a good heart. Any donation you can make will be much appreciated, as well as a retweet. 100% Support for the #PiratePrincess @KairiSaneWWE. Trivia, Gifs, Art, Graphics, Banners - All created by me. Join the voyage in support of Kairi Sane⚓💓
NationalForests Missoula, MT Join the NFF and @KendraScott to restore the beauty of the Lower Salt River. Check out the Chandler AZ or online store today and every purchase you make will help plant native trees and keep water flowing. RSVP here: and use the GIVEBACK 8668 code. We work with the U.S. Forest Service and thousands of Americans to promote the health and public enjoyment of our 193-million-acre National Forest System.
FreewareAims People on tiktok are real quick to make Will out to be this helpless and innocent person as if he hasn’t done terrible things throughout the show 🔪🥩18 (any pronouns)
Monsmoy1 Wilts, UK @GNazy69 @OliverForbes14 @hermannkelly Putting your Russian conspiracy theories aside, you are right. Ireland has "put its own interests first" and that's fine. RoI backs the eu over its own independence and its relationship to UK. It's the choice you make, will be respected, but if it goes Pete Tong it's your problem Harlequins, Ulster, Lions RFCs, Green Bay Packers, Clumber Spaniel enthusiast. "Winning isn't a sometime thing; it's an all the time thing." Vince Lombardi
nymillenials New York, New York @pirmas697 @taco_x86 Anything you do or don’t make will be loved and appreciated 🥰 Youth Will Save Us. #RIPScrap #ChorbyYes | Avi by @Not_Daredevil |
RealSobotka @ChrisEvans Somebody who no matter what you didn't do, or couldn't take, or didn't win, or couldn't make, will love you w/out judgment just the same. ' So, God made a dog. God said, 'I need somebody strong enough to pull sleds & find bombs, yet gentle enough to love babies and lead the blind Bruins season ticket holder/HF Boards semi-expert; Pats, Sox, Celts, animal lover, gym, yoga, judo; political: independent
Dogmamma1 @HounddogZenith Oh Z... Anything you make will be delicious. Enjoy and have fun💙 Mamma to the prettiest dog
EvaEvansshine2 Cincinnati, OH @MelanieBlakeUK @danwootton Diana was Harry's mother, she left her jewelry to her sons, why shouldn't his wife wear them when she wants to? Who cares what Will and the rest think. That's the problem, you guys want everything to make Will and his family happy, forget Harry's feelings Female, Sussex Stan
mxttheau Need new and banner who wants to make will pay idk what to put here
Popetherev28 Kamurocho @BlackDGamer1 Just do it XBOX is not the devil, Sony is. The controller is comfy, backwards compatibility is a thing and I know any digital purchase I make will still be there decades from now. Your 2d Waifu is trash, Play Sega Saturn
JamesTh68268361 the frontier @charliekulyrwah That's because he is such a comical joke Come on man! Corn pop was a bad dude! I've been a professor for the last 25 years! I got hairy legs! The decision I make will become the issue! What are you a Junkie? And much more! Early XRP Adoptor, Arbitrage,Work Smart and Hard! K.A.G!
bigT41amp Brodheadsville, PA @breannamorello most celebrities don’t know a thing about politics cause if they did they wouldn’t vote for #CrookedBiden since their taxes are going to be raised and all that hard so called money they make will be taken from them since most of them make over $400k 52m fighting Cancer everyday Gemini......All Lives Matter no matter what color you are !
MattieMayMay United States They are still blocking the story. And trust me - any "changes" they make will not be for the better Trump 2020! Rescue puppy who has an awesome family! #MAGA #KAG Constitutionalist. God, Family, Country
MsvPrasadmsv @Aakar__Patel and promise of acceptable living standards) the choices people make will be better, ultimately leading to better overall outcomes for the system. 2/2
NeoMordecai UK @das_bish @SamCoatesSky WTF? Why rejoin a Cartel that demands any money you make will be taxed and given to someone else to help them to better compete against yourself? You are raving mad if you expect that outcome? Bit of a geek, I love conspiracy theories, but I hate bigots and loathe vanity. Currently seeking Serenity, or whatever she calls herself now...
ChrisMasonViews @CDP143S @Stroller63 @Femi_Sorry @JonesyFay If UK shop keepers do not cut their prices once the UK is free of EU tarriffs - the huge profits the shop keepers make will be taxed and do the state has money to pay for Covid-19 bills or what ever they choose to spend it on. Pro-life Brexiteer. Catholic. Greatly inspired by modern theologians – Scott Hahn, Brant Pitre, John Bergsma, Michael Barber and Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVl).
Siwckc Brooklyn, NY @Janeen_FluffyJ @Ghyxion And every piece you make will be infused with your love and his love. What a wonderful thing. The luckiest and richest woman in the Universe! Add to that I'm a Nicheren Buddhist & a Lesbian and life is good!! !🏳️‍🌈👭
thoughtfulwonk New York, NY They are the neo-lib Establishment And as such they will make decisions within that paradigm, and thanks to Trump all kinds of folx are paying attention, so the decisions they make will expose a system that must change in order for democracy to survive RT/Follow here for @activistwonk’s thoughts. Big #DSA Energy 🌹 here for 🤝 worker solidarity. #CountOnUs for I am involved in all humankind. she/her 🏳️‍🌈
DoomedRambo @jackie_jury @10DowningStreet @uksciencechief I’m convinced that the 600k worth of shares that he’s invested in the company leading the way with the vaccine and failing to tell anyone about it, has no influence in any of his decisions. I’m sure the millions he stands to make will all be donated to charity. Airbus Captain, not good enough to Captain the Welsh Rugby team. Family is everything. Views are mine alone. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Hameedolaniyan Lagos With due respect sir I don't know why you are begging because from all indications you are not the final decision maker and I don't think whatever decision you make will count. Let's hear from the final decision maker. Thank you sir
calumbeckett Manchester Lads we’re only £170 off our £2000 target now! Any donations you can make will be greatly appreciated and will ease our pain 😆😂 4 hours to go! @braintumourrsch Link below! #OldhamToBlackpool Have you ever won the treble? #MUFC - 🐝 - Captain for @musfc & @carrioncrow_fc
ByromLinda @stevie_evans1 @DogDuckLark And so easy to make. Will follow your lead