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WhiteHouse Washington, D.C. "Our future is in our own hands, and the choices and sacrifices we make will determine the fate of this virus." — President @realDonaldTrump The President's Coronavirus Guidelines for America: Welcome to @WhiteHouse! Follow for the latest from President @realDonaldTrump and his Administration. Tweets may be archived:
amber_benson Chicken Hey All - I am going to be doing this on 4/11 - all money I make will be donated to Feeding America. Not everyone is lucky enough to have access to - and the finances to buy - groceries right now. Chicken
Drave_Cassidy @ItsReactor @TheQuartering Imagine that Stan Lee made Marvel Comics and any other future characters they might make will also be Stan Lee’s by default. Yeah sounds like a really stupid idea, just forget about people like Jack Kirby and all that :/ Chris is being a baby, throwing a tantrum expecting money. Just a guy who’s living life how he wants to.
CapeCodDSA @FlyingWithSara “Society has always been and is now built upon exploitation—the exploitation of a class—the working class” Eugene Debs. Any progress that we make will always be a struggle, what seems like obvious good ideas to us will never be done unless we force their hand. Official account of the Cape Cod chapter of @demsocialists. Organizing and fighting for social and economic justice on the Cape. Tweets/RT=/= Endorsements
POTUS_JayCutler Anchorage, AK @IAmMarkManson Tell him to go ahead and eat the moldy cheese, it may put you in the hospital but it will make you stronger after the coma . Your friends will leave you yes but the new friends you make will only leave you 7 years later and you will be left with no one but your thoughts. Waffle House CEO, Your profile picture isn’t safe
Talketsu @ilIumine Nothing Trigger will ever make will ever reach the levels of Gurren Lagann, NGE and FLCL. The best thing they’ve made is Promare and that’s just raw eye candy. Leader of the Team Dai-Gurren Brigade. Gurren Lagann is the best anime ever made. Master on none.
Albertaardvark I hope 3M got their part of the order shipped already because it looks like all the masks they make will be staying in the US for a little while. We need Canadian industry to step up and produce our own. That is the only way to ensure stable supply. Retired political blogger when that was a thing & Twitter ruined it. Just don't try to BS me & we should be fine. Oilers (Game #66 edit) 35-23-8 Mood: 😎
PawsnSingh @narendramodi Our future is in our hand, and the choice and the sacrifices we make will determine the fate of this virus🙏 Hard work and determination is the key to success
louiedoee This time we are in is such a poignant reminder that our actions all have real effects. The decisions we make will always have a ripple of impact whether we see it or not, & this should empower us to choose better. It does matter and you can make a difference. #StayHomeSaveLives "UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."
terusheeema Forever younger growing older just the same All the memories that we make will never change We'll stay drunk, we'll stay tan, let the love remain And I swear that I'll always paint you Golden days! ready to party ⋆ 𝐣𝐨𝐡𝐳𝐞𝐧𝐣𝐢 𝐞𝐱 𝐜𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐚𝐢𝐧 | 𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘶𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘮𝘢 𝘺𝘶𝘶𝘫𝘪.
DefeatColoRep @LuvMacyIsabella Yes but MAKE one...... don’t go out and buy what could go to a hospital...... something you can make will be effective for the short time you are SUPPOSE to be outside with others Working to defeat Republicans in Colorado
CDoranVT Vermont I feel profoundly honored to be involved in the implementation of processes pertinent to our response to COVID-19. I hope that decisions we make will save patient lives and also the lives of my coworkers. Husband. ER nurse, BSN, CEN, CPEN, TCRN. Interested in trauma/resus, airway management, wilderness med and education.
bennessy___ Mind yo fcking business bitch I’m not mature enough to forgive AND stay. It will be hard for me to see past it, I won’t be at peace in the relationship. Every mistake they make will be magnified. I can’t do it especially if we do not have kids together. I swear I don’t know these people...Na for real thou insta: Benniana_
BarbiesGoodies Las Vegas, NV Thank you to everyone for doing your part in your own way, helping us all through this. You make a difference. Working together we are stronger and more capable, even at a distance. That phone call you make will… I care a lot. Teacher, Author, Reiki Master, Isagenix Rep & Coach.. I help people get into their best shape/health and live life well! Instagram @BarbiesGoodies
noBSkat Caper living in Alberta @halifaxscb That’s the responsible call to make. Will never forget my mom lecturing me about drinking too much during Regatta week....... (+ work) Wasn’t in bed before 3 (and up at 6 to wait tables...) Guest: “You’re very bubbly for this time of day!“ Me: “I’m drunk.” 🤷‍♀️ i help agencies and marketing teams with analysis + strategy
theronincosplay Austin, TX @GameOverGreggy I'm sure a lot of people are sad and upset. Please be mindful yall, developers are dealing with this pandemic too. Its affecting everyone. Love and support your devs, the great things they make will hit eventually videogame environment artist, outsource manager, artist, cosplayer, leatherworker, political commentator, assbutt
boringextasy iamamiwhoami choices of whether to create the life they desire or not So with that grip loosened, choose to live rather than to die because you may see more clearly than ever you have that choice. And that choice you make will stay with you. It's like making a statement to the universe and Celine
VenicePaulie Gulf Coast @SarahHuckabee @realDonaldTrump Oh, you’re back? Orange man has fouled this up from jump street and no amount of eye make will conceal that. Go away troll Always Forward - Friend of Science, Facts & Progress. Combatting gaslighting, subterfuge & propaganda is my jam #Bears #Blackhawks Tennis Beach Band Dude
patrissimo Capitola, CA @steuard @robbbbbb Fortunately, no one has made me health czar, and so any recommendations I make will be filtered through numerous layers of bureaucratic examination. And, I don't think I was that wrong. I said Americans shouldn't stress about this now, but China, CDC, WHO should. Digital sessile writing on virtue, venture, family, freedom, and building new cities @PronomosVC @Seasteading. (And some Covid since it's 2020)
RoverGrover Minnesota, USA @ProudResister @Alyssa_Milano You have a choice to make - will you vote for and support Joe Biden, or will you continue to criticize his every word? If you choose the latter, then you choice is Donald Trump. You own the choice - not anyone else. Data / IT geekish, interested in policy, health care voter, cancer survivor, community over individualism, and prone to snarky responses on politics
captalianovna jul | she/her ⚢ lesbians and animal crossing every single tweet i make will be a hit captain america is not your therapist. you couldn’t have done that earlier, @jabariprincesss?
amber_benson Chicken Hey All - I am going to be doing this on 4/11 - all money I make will be donated to Feeding America. Not everyone is lucky enough to have access to - and the finances to buy - groceries right now. Chicken
TheRumBaba Bristol, UK I’ve been busy feeding kids and working with the incredible @FareShareSW I’m releasing this it’s different to my usual tunes but hey what’s normal anymore! 100% of the sales I make will go to them to get food to the most vulnerable. Please support if you can. X NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER - THE RUM BABA : HOLLYWOOD EP (31RS034) -
parrishczernys saw someone say they dont need to make will byers gay ‘just bc he doesnt have a girlfriend’ and its just....... why my poor jude. my poor sweetheart
aymanal41250124 المملكة العربية السعودية @realDonaldTrump The efforts that Saudi Arabia and the US make will make the oil market stable very soon. ماتراهُ مني أنت من أخترت أن تراه
Jorofjoshua South Africa All those bits you say and those little remarks you make will help her think of you as either a boyfriend or a lover. Be careful about how you frame yourself and your future together. Little things matter. nourishing the world
JanBran06127566 Springs Gauteng Prov. SA. @selectkhetha CHINA has long since taken over.All done very quietly.Ask your government about the billions lent to the country by the CHINESE and the mines and farms they already own.Make will be schocked! Am interested in all around me
riccyjossy East Midlands, England @honeyjd75 Your daughter when she gets older will have to make a decision about all she has seen and heard all her life, wether to play along with the same old way her parents lived or make a difference. Any decision she make will decide the future. It is her call Pan african Soldier, standing for Justice, truth, freedom and equity worldwide. The world needs true peace. There is a war against love, we are under attack.
Zees_nuts Mariners apt @jaxsonm05 @longwiz222 @barstoolsports Whatever bs statistics you find and observations you make will always draw you back to similar conclusions because you already have a deplorable perspective. Pls don’t go into any gov work or social services gabi hate account
louise_koke @DianeMariePosts Let's stop asking our leaders to predict the outcome of this crisis. It is us (each and every one of us) who, by the choices we make, will determine how long this may or may not last. I want this over soon, therefore I'll follow all recommendations of our health experts. proudly Canadian, born in Alberta, lived in Calgary, lived in Denver Co., now HOME in Canada..beautiful Victoria B C
HobanGirl Alexandria, VA Five DC Bars and Restaurants End Take-Out and Delivery, Opting to Close Instead | “In a way every choice you make will feel both like the right and the wrong choice. It’s a very difficult situation.” More will follow. Take-out and delivery not sustainable. Runaway bride with 2 lovely daughters (and 2 groovy sons-in-law); over-the-moon Grammy. A face in the crowd. Voracious reader. Life is rich. Still pinch myself.
bowerman10 Georgetown, TX @NuclearAthletes Your biggest enemy is often yourself! Choices and decisions you make will often determine whether your rewarded or revealed Husband, Father, Christian, Teacher/Coach EVHS
russbury Bury Saint Edmunds, England @ollyhughes87 Going back to my original post then, if you can do it in an hour then the money you’ll make will safeguard @BuryTownFC for years and years.....hurry up 👍 Chairman of Bury Town FC, Director of Premier Logos
Faye71662523 Maryland, USA Britney Spears addressed fans! But they DELETED IT! “ I am 25 and I do still have a lot to learn, and I am going to make mistakes everyday, & I am sure every mistake I make will probably be on CNN or Good Morning America. I am only human people and I love you for still loving me” Be you, Be bold , Be wild, Be hot, Be free, Be me, Be all you can be. #leo #advocate #womansrights #metoo #lover
Nancytweetstv Vermont I am watching wrestling this weekend, may also make pillows and stuffed animals. Things that I make will be future giftys. Illuminating blather and tv twittering since 2011.
darkstardeluxe Thabes Labyrinth ive used the fe15 text sim for nothing good since i reinstalled it but nothing i make will ever top the sets i made in 2018 of luthier finding out delthea taught est to swear or the one between mae and jedah (and celica at the end) using this exchange cookie / they/she / 18 / bi / occasional artist / mostly nintendo / currently replaying fire emblem echoes
moverick Mobility Arena Without a vaccine or cure, any progress we make will be rolled back as soon as we all start moving around again. And I am talking about everywhere - in every country. Oko Osisi. Ripening old boy with new tricks.
BlaineHolcomb Nashville, TN TONIGHT - I’ll be going live on hamiltonmovietheater Facebook page. All the tips I make will be donated to the Hamilton Inn and they will be preparing and delivering food to the nurses and staff working at the… Singer • Songwriter • “Chasin’ that neon rainbow, living that honky tonk dream”
Ernieiceman Edmonton @BridgieCasey I am not saying u r wrong just wondering if u put a cap on what people can make will it reduce incentive for people to continue to push. Take away PayPal billions does Elon Musk create Tesla and Space X? Ernie is the owner and I am the Iceman. Together we r #ErnieIceman the #AlbertaOwned ice company with its ice factory in Acheson, on the outskirts of Edmonton.
APittsABC6 Providence, RI The Coffee Exchange on Wickenden Street in Providence is adapting to the state’s restrictions on businesses due to #COVID19. They’ve closed their café and are only using their walk-up window. But get this — ALL cash tips they make will go to their furloughed workers! @ABC6 Reporter @ABC6 • Born in MA, raised in RI ⚓️ • @BridgeStateU • EP Townie • @bigs_ri • @sweetadsintl • cat mom •
breezy9122 Savannah, GA @ra2tenK @WickedTuna @CaptMarciano Thank you! It’s my passion to advocate for all of us. I will be fishing an offshore tournament and any proceeds I make will be going towards my cause or better yet all of #FellowArthritisWarriors #AdvocateForArthritis #LadyAngler Southern girl who lives w/ #PsoriaticArthrits #Fibro -Ga Advocacy Vice Chair w/ Arthritis Foundation- SEC 🏈 #DawgNation ⚾️ #Braves
TheLawSociety Chancery Lane, London We are speaking with the government about "how best to execute wills whilst practising social distancing and isolation." @LawSocPresident Simon Davis talks to @Moneywiseonline about making a will during the #Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak We represent, support & promote solicitors in England & Wales. For queries use We do not give legal advice/aid.
Sugarrabbit1968 @IAmSophiaNelson Lol you opened your big mouth and got called out for excuse you make will excuse your hateful vile soul...funny how you blame Trump but not one Dem or are part of the problem
RAnndarnell Logansport, IN @louis_riehm Behold I come quickly , he created you knew Before the world began , god knew who would accept salvation and who wouldn’t ?? I pray For you , it’s either Heaven or Hell Jesus Christ Gives you free will remember the decision you make will be For eternity
gmsa82 @SkyNewsAust He’s right it is, but it’s a sacrifice we need to make. Will will have to wait till it’s over to then be able to look back and judge the actions of our politicians and fellow Australians.
trashasaurusrex "I want to be kind and help people. I want to be there for those who need help. Yet, I hear whispers, sometimes. They...they tell me I'm weak, that my peers don't want me here. That any choice I make will end in disaster. I want it to stop. Please..." She/Her. I love art and animation! 🏳️‍🌈 WoW/Disney nerd. Commissions: Closed!
AdnyatHindu Bharat This is what got us to Doval, the highest security official of the land, to go and mollycoddle a two bit mullah to break the #TablighiJamat gathering. Wake up #Hindus!! Every concession you make will be used against you at some point in the future. #TablighiVirus Musings of an unknown Hindu
NotJamix America I've realized that some of my recent content has been really lackluster and that I shouldn't have set my self such high standers even though now I would actually be able to pump out a video a week, I promise that the next video I make will be a good one :) I make YouTube videos and edit for others sometimes Profile and banner made by @TheAwesomeAnge4
TellYourSonThis There's a large distinction between asking your wife for permission, and considering how the decisions you make will affect her. A man doesn't need his woman's permission to do anything. A woman needs her man's permission to do everything. Will not explain. Write in solitude with no regard for time | Exchange smug glances in libraries | Inhale a cascade of dainty teahouse aromas | Drink red wine in the dark & stare

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