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Prolonging your life . . . ▶▶▶
Prolong Your Life or NOT?
Of course most of us would like to prolong our lives and in most situations this would be a very silly question.

However in this case we are talking about prolonging your life under the following conditions:
  1. Your doctor and another doctor, providing a second opinion, are in agreement that you have a terminal condition that cannot be cured.
  2. Where your death would occur if it weren't for the use of artificial life sustaining procedures.
  3. Where you are unable to communicate your wishes.

The question can be framed more bluntly by the phrase "Do you want them to turn off the machine?"

Clearly there is a lot to consider: issues of personal dignity, the feelings of your loved ones and how much do you trust the doctors?

Fortunately the chances of you finding yourself in this situation are very slim. ◀◀◀

Healthcare Agent or Proxy . . . ▶▶▶
A Healthcare Agent (or Proxy) is someone you nominate to make healthcare decisions for you when you are unable to do so yourself.
Our system gives you the choice of naming one Agent, or up to three alternative Agents - if the first is not available then use the second etc.
When choosing an Agent, you should select someone who knows how you feel about prolonging your life.
It is important to remember that your Agent will only be called upon to make a decision if your Doctor determines that you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself.
You don't have to nominate an Agent. ◀◀◀

Organ donation . . . ▶▶▶
Organ or Tissue Donation takes place after you have died. You can direct that parts (or all) of your body should be used for some useful purpose.

With our system you can choose to donate everything, nothing or selected organs and tissues.

These include:  Heart,   Kidneys,   Liver,   Lungs,   Skin,   Corneas,   Pancreas,   Ligaments,   Bones,   Intestines,   Arteries,   and Veins. 

You can specify what use (if any) you wish for your donations. ◀◀◀

Organ usage . . . ▶▶▶
Donated Organs and Tissues can be used in several ways.

They can be used for:  Transplant,   Therapy,   Research,   or Education. 
You can choose to donate your organs and tissues for any useful purpose, transplant only, or you can specify from the list above. ◀◀◀

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